Who We Are

Our Mission

Our mission at Whitewater Consulting is simple. We seek to help small and mid size companies become better. Better employers with better HR infrastructure, better culture, and better financial results. That is who we are. We seek to help companies strengthen and automate their processes. And that allows them to focus on more important things. Like growing revenues, managing expenses, maximizing profits and taking care of their greatest asset, their people. Visit our Testimonials page to see our track record.

Who we are - meeting

Our Process

Another key part of who we are is our process. Finding the right solution for your company’s Human Resource needs requires us to be focused and sensitive to the circumstances of your unique situation. This is why WhiteWater Consulting utilizes a needs-based, consultative approach. Our four-step process will help ensure that you begin achieving your goals, and remain on-course as you grow.
  1. Analyze. We will invest the time to establish a relationship, and ask the necessary questions. We want to understand your business and Human Resource needs from the HR team and management’s perspective. And then, gather the data needed to put together an analysis that illustrates the current status versus the projected result.
  2. Recommend. We will work with you to provide the options to be considered. We’ll provide education on how each option will impact your organization. Then we’ll help you reach a client-focused, unbiased decision.
  3. Implement. We will then help by making the introductions to the service providers who will work alongside your team. We will also provide the resources to implement and execute your Human Resource strategy. 
  4. Review. We desire to remain engaged with you to benchmark your progress and ensure that you remain on-track. We would touch base quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Each year, we will evaluate the results and then make additional recommendations based on the current needs.