[Chuck] is client-focused from the beginning and throughout the consultation process Chuck was focused on how the changes to our benefit offering would impact our team members, their families and ultimately our company culture. The comprehensive benefits strategy he proposed was tailored to the specific needs of our team members and will help position our company to be more competitive when it comes to attracting top talent today and in the coming years.

— Steve Moran, COO, AutoUplink Tech

Chuck is an excellent sales, marketing and implementation executive. He helped transform our company from demo pitch to sales, implementation and support beyond expectations. I highly recommend Chuck. 

– Adam Zembruski, Hospitality Real Estate Investments and Asset Management

Chuck Cooper is a delight to work with. His calm and frank demeanor provide trust and collaboration. He effectively manages large projects, understanding that communication is key. He is timely and continuous, not disappearing when the going gets rough. I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

– Paulette Oden, OrthAlign, Inc.

Chuck is one of the most professional, straightforward, caring individuals I’ve had the pleasure to know. He is a tremendous team player and has a unique ability to view multiple perspectives. Chuck truly carries himself in everything he does both professionally and personally to leave whatever he is involved with better than he found it 

– Jon Lingor, OnCore HCM

Chuck possesses a deep understanding of the HR industry and uses his knowledge and experience to help employers of all sizes to identify the right mix of technologies and services to address their pain points and achieve their business objectives. But what separates Chuck from other salespeople is his high level of integrity and his true care and concern for his clients – he goes above and beyond to ensure the highest level of client satisfaction. The combination of experience, industry knowledge and service commitment Chuck brings to the table makes him extremely valuable.

– Lesley Groff, PeopleStrategy

 I worked with Chuck for nearly 4 years at PeopleStrategy. Chuck is one of the most thoughtful and engaging sales executives I have run across in my 30+ years in the industry. Chuck’s sales approach is one of partnership with the prospect that fosters trust and lends itself to setting wonderful foundation with a new client. 

– Randy Cooper, PeopleStrategy

What a pleasure it was to have someone take the time to understand our business model and company culture before even beginning the “Sell” of our new HR software. Chuck worked with us for months to make sure his company was not only a good fit for us, but also illustrate ways we could maximize the tool for both our employee implementation that also worked with our go to market strategy. We were impressed with Chuck’s ability to help us develop our internal story to help secure a strong buy-in from our senior leadership team, as well as our diverse workforce. Chuck’s professionalism and personality made any obstacles throughout the process seem minor and kept us focused on the important keys that resulted in a successful launch.  

– Greg Schroeder, Inline Electric & Lighting

Chuck had a number of consulting conversations with me and with our CEO regarding selection of a Human Resource Management System.  Our company started just a few years ago with around 30 employees, and we are growing over 20 times that size by 2024.  This means that the systems that the company began with must be reimagined and reimplemented, at the same time that we are providing the state’s best ABA therapy service to an ever larger population of clients. Being able to benefit from Chuck’s expertise to extend our HR reach in such a mission critical and yet technical area as HRIS was key to our being able to select the right product for us.

We appreciate the guidance he gave us.  With his help, we were able to put together an effective process for vetting vendors, requesting, and evaluating proposals, and planning for implementation for the right system to meet our needs.  

We are thankful for everything Chuck did. He has been very kind – awesome.  It is a pleasure to know him.  Many thanks.

– L.C.